University Of Idaho


The University of Idaho offers a Master’s Degree option and certification-only program in Special Education and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Education Emphasis in Autism and other Related Disabilities ASD/RD. Select the headings below for more information about each program. 

Special Education M.Ed.
       The special education master’s degree option and certification-only program’s primary emphasis is to provide educational opportunities for certified teachers to obtain a master’s degree in special education with the option of certification in special education. The University of Idaho has become a primary choice for students who wish to complete their degree and certification at a distance. All courses are offered using distance technologies and do not require that a student come to campus. The program has received national accreditation from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and is a state-approved program in special education. It also was recently recognized by as one of the top online master’s program in special education. The demand for special education teachers remains at a high level with nearly 100 percent of students seeking special education positions being hired.

Doctorate of Philosophy in Education Emphasis in Autism and other Related Disabilities ASD/RD
      This doctoral emphasis at the University of Idaho, College of Education is designed to prepare prospective university faculty and leaders to teach, conduct and disseminate research, and secure funding for research in the area of autism spectrum disorder and other neuro-developmental disorders (ASD/RD). This highly structured program is designed to accommodate full and part time doctoral students both at a distance and on campus, and to produce high quality leaders that are philosophically oriented toward family involvement, cultural competency, inclusive and multi-tiered supports, evidence-based interventions, and research to practice scholarship.