Idaho Division for Learning Disabilities January 2013

Three Idaho DLD officers were able to attend the CEC conference in Sun Valley in October. The conference provided the opportunity to meet with friends and colleagues in a beautiful setting and provided inspiration through increasing our knowledge about effective instructional methods and techniques. There were presentations that focused on numerous disability categories. The keynote demonstrated effective practices for incorporating technology in the classroom that were inexpensive, creative, and motivating. There was also a presentation about “Laughing Yoga” which included group participation in using laughter to relieve stress and develop a sense of well-being. After experiencing a stressful year in education due to cuts in finances, reduction in staff, crowded classrooms, and other challenges; this session was a very enjoyable.

During the conference, several of the Idaho DLD Board members were able to with Idaho SDE Special Education Director, Richard Henderson, and the Idaho CEC President, Robin Corder, to discuss having the national DLD conference join our fall conference in Sun Valley. We learned about this possibility when we met with the National DLD Board at the national conference in Denver in April 2012. We learned that they were making an effort to join with state conferences to encourage DLD membership and participation. We explained that the National Division would not expect to share in revenue from registrations. They were just interested in supporting state divisions. Rich Henderson stated that he was interested in participation in this venture. during November we participated in a conference call with National DLD, Rich Henderson, and the Idaho CEC President to discuss this opportunity. The consensus was that this was a great opportunity and we would do whatever we could to make this happen. WE will have some of THE NATIONAL LEADERS IN THE FIELD OF LEARNING DISABILITIES presenting and available for discussions at the Idaho CEC Fall Conference. Don’t miss it!! We also have contacted Dr. Louisa Moats, an expert in the field of LD, and she has accepted our invitation to be a keynote speaker at the conference. Dr. Moats has written numerous instructional materials that are published by Sopris West and highly regarded in the field of specialized instruction.

Idaho DLD is looking forward to a great year for learning, growing, and improving education for Idaho’s children and youth. If you are not a member, please consider joining and learning. We are also looking for officers. Please let us know if you are interested in participating on the Idaho DLD Board.


Margaret Gross President, Idaho DLD